Pepper Transplants

This is our updated list for this season. NOTE: Not everything listed is currently in stock!

But all will become available as the season progresses. Please check the online store for currently available items.

  • Pepper Anaheim Hot
  • Pepper Ancho Hot
  • Pepper Black Hungarian Hot
  • Pepper Bright Star Orange Blaze Swt
  • Pepper Bright Star Orange(Generic Tags)Swt
  • Pepper California Wonder Swt
  • Pepper Candy Cane Swt
  • Pepper Carmen Swt
  • Pepper Cayenne Long Red Hot
  • Pepper Fish Pepper Hot
  • Pepper Ghost Hot
  • Pepper Golden Cal Wonder Swt
  • Pepper Gypsy Swt
  • Pepper Habanero Red Hot
  • Pepper Holy Mole Hot
  • Pepper Hung Wax Hot
  • Pepper Ice Age Swt
  • Pepper Jalepeno Hot
  • Pepper King Of The North (Bell Green Tag)
  • Pepper Mad Hatter Swt
  • Pepper Medusa Ornamental
  • Pepper North Star
  • Pepper Orange You Sweet
  • Pepper Purple Beauty Swt
  • Pepper Purple Flash Ornamental
  • Pepper Scotch Bonnet Hot
  • Pepper Serrano ‘Sureno’ Hot
  • Pepper Snackabelle Red Swt
  • Pepper Super Shepherd Swt
  • Pepper Sweet Banana
  • Pepper Sweet Pickle
  • Pepper Sweet Roaster
  • Pepper Takara Shishito Warm
  • Pepper Thai Dragon Hot
  • Pepper Trinidad Scorpion Hot
  • Pepper Yellow Sparkler Swt
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