Perennial Fruit

Discover the satisfaction of growing your own perennial fruit year after year!

(To Be Updated Early 2023)

NOTE: Not everything listed is currently in stock! 

But all will become available as the season progresses.

Actinidia Arctic Female (kiwi fruit)
Actinidia Arctic Male (kiwi fruit)
Actinidia Chung Bai Female (kiwi fruit)
Artichoke (Jerusalem)
Blueberry Blue Crop
Blueberry Blue Gold
Blueberry Blueray
Blueberry Bonus
Blueberry Duke
Blueberry Northland
Blueberry Patriot
Blueberry Polaris
Blueberry Sweetheart
Blueberry Tophat
Currant Black ‘Consort’
Goji Berry-firecracker
Gooseberry Captivator Red
Gooseberry Ribes Uva-Crispa ‘Jeanne’
Grape Himrod
Grape Marechal Foch
Grape Seyval
Grape Vanessa
Grape’canadice Red'(Seedless)
Josta Berry
Lingonberry Vitis Idaea
Strawberry Albion
Strawberry Annapolis
Strawberry Cabot
Strawberry Cavendish
Strawberry Eversweet Everbearing Burlap
Strawberry Seascape Everbearing
Strawberry Valley Sunset

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