Vegetable Transplants

Do you want a luxurious veggie garden? Our vegetable transplants will give you a jumpstart for a bountiful season.

(Updated for 2023)

NOTE: This isn’t a list of what’s currently in stock! 

All will become available as the season progresses, call or check the online shop for current availability.

Artichoke Imperial Star
Broccoli Gypsy
Brussel Sprout Jade Cross
Cabbage Early Thunder
Cabbage Red Dynasty
Cabbage Storage
Cantaloupe Halona
Cat Grass
Cauliflower Amazing
Celery Tango
Cucumber English Telegraph
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Marketmore
Cucumber Martini
Cucumber Patio Snacker
Cucumber Perseus Beit Alpha(eng mini)
Cucumber Poona Kheera
Cucumber Regal
Eggplant Galine(generic)
Eggplant Gretel
Eggplant Millionaire
Eggplant Patio Baby
Eggplant Punjabi Green
Gourd Basal
Gourd Bitter
Gourd Bottle
Gourd Cave Man’S Club
Gourd Cushaw White
Gourd Daisy Mix
Gourd Goonies
Gourd Gremlin
Gourd Lrg Mix
Gourd Sml Mix
Kale Black Magic
Kale Blue Curled
Kale Redbor
Kale Thousandhead
Kohlrabi Superschmelz(gen)
Leeks Giant Musselburg
Lettuce Iceberg Mighty Joe
Lettuce Leaf Green Blk Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Leaf Red Salad Bowl
Lettuce Mesclun Mix
Lettuce Romaine Paris Island
Okra Jambalya (Clemson)
Onion Norstar (White)

Onion Parade (Green)
Onion Ruby Red
Pumpkin Baby Boo Boo
Pumpkin Bad Jelly
Pumpkin Cinderella
Pumpkin Field 124# Ribbed
Pumpkin Giant
Pumpkin Green/Orange Ribbed
Pumpkin Grizzly Bear
Pumpkin Howden
Pumpkin Jack Be Little
Pumpkin Jarrahdale
Pumpkin Lady Godiva
Pumpkin Marina Di Chioggia
Pumpkin Mellow Yellow
Pumpkin Moonshine
Pumpkin Musquee De Provence (Fairytale)
Pumpkin On A Stick
Pumpkin Porcelain Doll
Pumpkin Silver Edged
Pumpkin Spark
Pumpkin Specter
Spinach Chinese Multicolour
Spinach Escalade
Spinach Red Malabar
Squash Acorn Autumn Delight
Squash Black Futtsu
Squash Buttercup
Squash Butternut Waltham
Squash Crespo
Squash Flat White Boer
Squash Galeux D’ Eysines
Squash Giant
Squash Iran
Squash Long Island Cheese
Squash Marina Di Chioggia
Squash Musquee De Maroc
Squash Red Kuri
Squash Spaghetti
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Tomatillo Ground Cherry Aunt Molly’s
Tomatillo Tomayo
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Zucchini Black Beauty
Zucchini Golden

Check the online store for stock updates and to place an online order:
Vegetable Transplants
(We are currently closed for the winter, re-opening in person and online in April)

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