Welcome to Glad Gardens!

Open Daily from 9-5

Come visit our family owned and operated greenhouses to browse our wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs, houseplants and don’t forget to shop at our farm market ​for all your local produce!  

A Note: 
It has been quite challenging to be open for retail during these times. We are stretched to our limit keeping the plants and customers happy. For this duration we will be unable to hold any products (except trees and shrubs) for later pickup (please, please, please don't ask!) You have no idea how complicated that makes it in the greenhouse!. We are trying to keep up with the phone/email/Facebook communications but cannot. We cannot accept any returns. No custom planting is available. We will try to have preplanned combination deck planters available. We are trying our hardest to enable you to have the gardens you want this year.

Maritimers are used to stepping up in crisis. We will get through this together (but apart). We are growing what we usually do. Some changes have been made but who we are will always remain the same.We are positioning the cash registers at separate entrances to prevent congestion

We are installing a sink at the front door (with proper water hookup, not one of those stupid foot pump jobs)

We have a system for preordering and pre-purchasing for pickup

We will also be accepting phone orders

Hand sanitizer and wipes are available

All staff will wear protective equipment and have a strict sanitation routine