Fruit and Vegetables Perennial

Updated for 2024

Discover the satisfaction action of growing your own perennial fruit and veggies year after year!

NOTE: Not everything listed is currently in stock!

All plants will become available as the season progresses, check in with us for estimates.

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Fruit and Vegetables Perennial
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KiwiActinidia arguta ‘Issai’ (self-fertile)
Service BerryAmelanchier canadensis (clump)
Red ChokeberryAronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’
AsparagusAsparagus off. ‘Guelph Millennium’
Blackberry ThornlessBlackberry ‘Loch Ness’
Blackberry ThornlessBlackberry ‘Triple crown’
Wild BlueberryBlueberry augustifolium
BlueberryBlueberry Blue Gold
BlueberryBlueberry Blueray
BlueberryBlueberry Bonus
BlueberryBlueberry Duke
BlueberryBlueberry North Country
BlueberryBlueberry North Land
BlueberryBlueberry Northsky
BlueberryBlueberry Patriot
BlueberryBlueberry Sweetheart
Black CurrentCurrant Black Wellington
Red CurrantCurrant Red Lake
White CurrantCurrant White Pearl
Chicago Hardy FigFicus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’
WintergreenGaultheria Procumbens
GooseberryGooseberry Ribes ‘Hinnomaki Red’
GooseberryGooseberry Ribes ‘Hinnomaki Yellow’
Table GrapeGrape Canadice
Table GrapeGrape Himrod
Table GrapeGrape Niagara
Table GrapeGrape Sovereign Coronation
LovageLovage Levisticum officinale
Apple TreeMalus ‘Apple Combination’
Apple TreeMalus ‘Fuji’
Apple TreeMalus ‘Gala’
OnionOnion Egyptian Walking Allium proliferum
CherryPrunus ‘Bing’
CherryPrunus ‘Lapins’
CherryPrunus avium ‘Stella’
PearPyrus ‘Bartlett’
PearPyrus ‘Bosc’
RaspberryRaspberry ‘Fall Gold’
RaspberryRaspberry ‘Heritage’
RaspberryRaspberry ‘Meeker’
RaspberryRaspberry ‘Willamette’
American ElderberrySambucus canadensis
American ElderberrySambucus canadensis ‘Nova’
American ElderberrySambucus canadensis ‘York’
StrawberryStrawberry Delizz
StrawberryStrawberry Everbearing
StrawberryWild Strawberry Fragaria vesca Mignonette
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