Houseplants: Monstera Deliciosa

Discover captivating houseplants, many options for adding beauty to your home! We’ll help you find the perfect match for your light requirements and watering schedule.

(Updated for 2023)

NOTE: Not everything listed is currently in stock! 

But all will become available as the season progresses.

Aeschynanthus rad Lipstick
Alocasia Black Velvet
Alocasia Cupped Form
Alocasia calidora ‘Giant Taro’
Alocasia Mickey Mouse
Alocasia ordora Night Scented
Alocasia Portora
Alocasia Red Scarlet
Alocasia Silver Dragon
Alpinia Zerumbet Variegata
Asparagus Densi Meyerii
Begonia Maculata
Begonia Medora
Begonia Rex Bewitched White
Begonia Rex Curly Chocolate
Begonia Rex Dibs Rothko
Begonia Rex Shdw King Lava Red
Begonia Rex Shw King Straw Sherbet
Bougainvillea Rijnstar Lila
Bougainvillea Vera Purple
Caladium Hilo Beauty
Calathea Sanderiana Ornata
Calathea Vittata
Calathea Zebrina
Callisia repens Pink Lady
Ceropegia Woodii String Of Hearts
Ceropegia Woodii String Of Hearts Silver
Chlorophytum Bonnie
Chlorophytum Green
Chlorophytum Ocean (White Edge)
Chlorophytum Variegated (Green Edge)
Colocasia Rh Aloha
Ctenathe setosa
Fatsia Japonica
Fern Nephrolepis Bis Macho
Fern Nephrolepis Exa Boston True
Fern Nephrolepis Exa Cotton Candy
Fern Nephrolepis Exa Fluffy Ruffles
Fern Nephrolepis Exa Nevada
Fern Nephrolepis Exa Tiger Fern
Fern Nephrolepis Obl Emerald Queen
Fern Nephrolepsis (Generic)
Fern Phlebodium Blue Star
Fern Platycerium bif Netherlands
Ficus Elastica Burgundy
Ficus Elastica Robusta
Ficus Elastica Ruby
Ficus Lyrata
Goldfish Assortment
Hedera Helix ‘Asterisk’
Hedera Helix ‘Gold Child’
Hedera Helix ‘Gold Ingot’
Hedera Helix ‘Teardrop’
Hedera Helix ‘White Ripple’
Hoya australis
Hoya Carnosa
Hoya Collection
Hoya Crimson Queen
Hoya Kerrii Variegated Heart
Hoya Lisa
Hoya Pubicalyx ‘Speckled’
Hoya Tricolour
Maranta Leuconeura Red
Monstera adansonii
Monstera Deliciosa
Pellionia Pulchra
Peperomia ‘Cupid’

Peperomia ‘Frost’
Peperomia ‘Hope’
Peperomia ‘Pixie Lime’
Peperomia ‘Red Twist’
Peperomia ‘Trinervula’
Peperomia Argyreia sp
Peperomia caperata
Peperomia clusifolia red margin
Peperomia Ferreyrae ‘Happy Bean’ ☯︎ ❤︎
Peperomia Glabella
Peperomia graveolens
Peperomia Pepperspot String of Coins
Peperomia Prostrata ‘String Of Turtles’
Peperomia Scandens Var
Philodendron Brazil
Philodendron cordatum
Philodendron hederaceum ‘Green Heartleaf’
Philodendron Lemon Lime
Philodendron Minima
Philodendron Silver Sword
Philodendron Swiss Cheese
Pilea Aquamarine
Pilea Cadierei Aluminum
Pilea Dark Mystery
Pilea Depressa ‘Baby Tears’
Pilea Moon Valley
Pilea Peperomioides
Plectranthus ‘Emerald Lace’
Plectranthus ‘Moth Ball’
Plectranthus Tomentosa ‘Vicks’
Pothos Baltic Blue Blue
Pothos Brazil (Philodendron)
Pothos Cebu Blue
Pothos Dragon Tail
Pothos Golden
Pothos Hawaiian
Pothos Jade
Pothos Marble Queen
Pothos Neon
Pothos Pearl N Jade
Pothos Silver Satin
Sansevieria Black Moon
Sansevieria Cylindrica Sp
Sansevieria Laurentii
Sansevieria Moonshine
Sansevieria Sp
Sansevieria Trifasciata
Saxifraga stolonifera
Saxifraga Tricolour
Scilla Violacea ‘Leopard Lily’
Scilla Violacea sp.
Scindapsus pretus ‘Argyraeus’
Setcreasea Purp Pink Stripe
Soleirolia Soleirolii ‘Baby Tears’
Strelitzia nicolai White Bird
Streptocarpella Concord Blue
Streptocarpus Ladyslippers Grape Ice
Streptocarpus Ladyslippers Strawberry Ice
Syngonium Gold Allusion
Syngonium Robusta Neon
Syngonium Variegated
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Deep Purple
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Green
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Grn/White
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Mixed
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Nanuk
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Prple/Silver
Tradescantia Wandering Dude Rainbow Zebra

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